Welcome to St. Athanasius Parish


O U R  M I S S I O N:
" We nurture a Catholic Community of worshipers who live the gospel
of Jesus Christ by sharing our talents and resources for the good of others."


A sincere thank you to the entire St. Athanasius community for coming together and participating in OUR PARISH by taking this information sharing survey. There response was really wonderful, and it appears from the early responses that there was good representation across the demographics of the Parish.  This is the first step within our faith renewal journey with Father Hernan.   

The next several weeks will be used to assemble the information into a format that can be shared in a meaningful way, and to provide Father Hernan and the team the opportunity to review the findings and begin the formulation of an overall strategic plan for the Parish.  Additionally, findings will also be summarized in our annual report to the Parish, scheduled to be delivered on or before the end of the liturgical year, the feast of Christ the King (November 23rd).

Also if unforeseen circumstances prevented you from completing the survey, please contact the parish office at (847) 328-1430. or via e-mail at parishoffice@saintasparish.org for assistance.





The Blessed Virgin Mother

Giving thanks for the Mother of God.

Lighting the Way

In a world full of darkness.

There's always room

To grow our family.