Welcome to St. Athanasius Parish


O U R  M I S S I O N:
" We nurture a Catholic Community of worshipers who live the gospel
of Jesus Christ by sharing our talents and resources for the good of others."


Father Hernan is reaching out to engage all that attend St. Athanasius to help him by taking this information sharing survey. Father Hernan, in his new role as Pastor, wants to offer all parishioners and worshippers at St. Athanasius an opportunity to provide him with insight the people that comprise this wonderful community. To that end, he asks that all adults in the parish participate in this first step within our faith renewal journey.    Please click on the Hyperlink to begin the  Parish Survey your thoughtful responses are most appreciated.



Welcome the new Parish website.  This website was conceived and executed by John Somerville, an RCIA member that wanted to give back to our community.  His artistic skills are highlighted in the rich images that he pulled from various places around the Parish and then crafted into the site.  Additional assistance for this site came from Father Hernan, Jean Lauri, Chip Goodman and Jamie Anderson.  We are so grateful for their dedication and assistance.  This is however, still an evolving process.  As the website matures there will be changes and possible reformatting of information.  If you have thoughts or ideas of information that would be helpful for you to get electronically or other ideas to help us be as engaging and transparent as possible, please let us know by sending an e-mail to jlauri@saintasparish.org

Please click on the Hyperlink above named "Announcements" for additional Parish and Community announcements.



The Blessed Virgin Mother

Giving thanks for the Mother of God.

Lighting the Way

In a world full of darkness.

There's always room

To grow our family.